Expansion Joints

Iso-Flex Factory Molded Expansion Joint
A cost effective system utilizing a factory cured, premolded urethane seal which is installed in the field by adhering in place with a polymeric nosing compound. System can be utilized as a traffic seal, surface seal or wall mount seal in parking structures, stadiums, and other concrete structures. Special sizes are available for seismic applications.

Iso-Flex Compression Seal An extruded, santoprene thermoplastic rubber material, which when compressed into place, provides an excellent seal against the intrusion of moisture and debris into an expansion joint gap.

Iso-Flex Foamflux An extruded, closed cell, neoprene foam rubber seal, which when compressed and epoxied into place, provides an excellent seal against the intrusion of moisture and debris into an expansion joint gap.

Iso-Flex Precom (C, V, H, H-SL or B) A precompressed urethane foam seal impregnated with acrylic polymer. Type "C" is provided with a surface sealant. Available in various colors.

Iso-Flex HydroSeal A preformed and impermeable compressible joint sealant. Durable closed cell foam with uniform, colored skin on the exposed face.

Iso-Flex HydroSeal-P A preformed closed cell, compressible foam joint seal faced with factory applied polysulfide sealant.

Iso-Flex Pressure Lok System consists of an extruded, neoprene rubber seal and a specially developed, two-component epoxy adhesive. Once epoxied into place, this system provides an excellent seal against the intrusion of moisture and debris into an expansion joint gap.

Iso-Flex Winged Expansion Joint System consists of a thermo­plastic prefab­ricated, compartment­alized, elastomeric, compression type of seal with integral perforated wings. Seal is continuously bonded into a concrete blockout with an elastomeric concrete header material.

Iso-Flex Fire Rated Expansion Joint Systems have been tested per stringent UL standards. The successfully tested expansion joint assemblies are listed on the UL website.

Iso-Flex Dura-Block A rugged system that is appropriate for use in roadway, parking deck and other vehicular applications where heavy volume is expected. System consists of a mechanically anchored, steel reinforced anchor block with various sizes of preformed thermo-rubber seal profiles.

Iso-Flex Xtreme A pivot guided, metallic cover plate system that has been designed to handle large or seismic type movement. The system design has standard aluminum edge anchor members, and can utilize either aluminum or stainless steel cover plate materials.

Iso-Flex Steel Strip Seal System utilizes an extruded, elastomeric rubber material that mechanically locks, and is bonded into a steel retainer. Intended to be used to seal expansion joints located in heavy, high volume, high-speed traffic areas in parking structures, stadiums, and other types of concrete structures.

Iso-Flex VS Series The Iso-Flex VS Series expansion joint cover incorporates an anchored aluminum extrusion with elastomeric seal profiles. The system has been designed to handle common wall and ceiling expansion joint conditions.

Iso-Flex Color Foam Seal Specifically designed to perform under conditions found in vertical expansion joint applications. The material is ideal for expansion joints and applications requiring an aesthetic, color treated solution.

Iso-Flex CP Series Aluminum Expansion Joint The CP Series cover plate is designed to provide a simple and economical solution for expansion joints openings. It can be used where the finished floor is concrete or in conjunction with most types of flooring materials.

Iso-Flex PD Series Aluminum Expansion Joint The PD Series of surface mounted expansion joint covers eliminate the problems of live-load movement and differential settlement. The PD Series utilizes a patented hinge that will accommodate 2" of vertical movement. Recommended areas for usage include plaza decks, material handling areas and other heavy traffic applications.

Iso-Flex Deck-Lock Integrated Membrane System Designed to provide dual service for expansion joint details required in split slab plaza conditions. The design allows for attachment into your structural slab while tying integrally to the between slab membrane waterproofing system.

Iso-Flex Drain Guard Incorporates a cured Neoprene sheet, which is mechanically attached to concrete substrates, providing versatile moisture protection at expansion joint and construction joint locations. Most commonly used to provide a flexible moisture management solution below a variety of expansion joint systems.

Iso-Flex SILFAST XL A revolutionary 100% acrylic impregnated foam expansion joint system coated with a durable traffic grade silicone. System is provided in unique 39 foot rolls dramatically reducing splice joints and speeding up the installation process.

Iso-Flex CapSpan A next generation hinged, ADA Compliant metal cover plate that is fully encapsulated by rubber. The system is intended to bridge over expansion joints in pedestrian and slow speed vehicular traffic locations. Iso-Flex CapSpan helps reduce potential tripping hazards by providing a skid resistant, smooth transition over expansion joint openings. Ideal applications include parking garages, plaza decks, stadium concourses, airports, and other joints that require a smooth transition over expansion joints