Membrane Coating Systems


  • Iso-Flex 750 Our standard system, which provides a waterproof wearing surface for parking decks, stadiums, plazas and mechanical room floors. The system utilizes a urethane elastomeric deck coating membrane with integral, urethane, skid resistant traffic toppings that are designed for use under direct exposure to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic.
  • Iso-Flex 760 Ideal for use in confined spaces and other areas where solvent vapors represent a hazard. System components comply with all current VOC limits for traffic coatings.
  • Iso-Flex 780/750 A solvent based system that utilizes a one-part primer, a one-part base coat and a one-part urethane wear coat with encapsulated aggregate.

    Note: The Iso-Flex 750, 760 and 780 systems described above are available in two application methods: a broadcast aggregate and backroll (U system), and a load aggregate to saturation (HL system).

  • Iso-Flex 750 EU A hybrid system that combines a urethane base coat with an epoxy wear coat (with aggregate) and an epoxy lock coat. Typically used in parking decks, ramps, loading docks and other high wear areas.
  • Iso-Flex Balcony Designed for balconies, walkways, mechanical room floors and other pedestrian traffic applications. The system utilizes a one-part urethane base coat with adhesion promoters and a one-part urethane top coat with broadcast aggregate.
  • Iso-Flex Mechanical Room Intended for use in mechanical rooms, electrical rooms and other confined interior spaces which require a tough, low odor, abrasion resistant elastomeric waterproofing system. The system is specially formulated for use in confined areas or locations adjacent to occupied spaces.
  • Iso-Flex Plywood Deck Intended for wood framed plywood surfaces that will be subject to pedestrian traffic such as balconies and walkways. The system utilizes a one-part elastomeric urethane membrane bonded continuously to the substrate for protection against water damage, and one or more urethane traffic topping coats with encapsulated aggregate for skid resistance.
  • Iso-Flex Barrier Coat 650 A water-based epoxy system designed as a vapor retarder for use on grade or below grade concrete slabs, split slabs and unvented metal pan construction that is exhibiting a high moisture content.