Flexible Grouts & Headers

  • Iso-Flex 735 A two-component, aliphatic polyurethane elastomer, which cures to a medium hardness and durometer enabling it to support a load with minimal deflection and also absorb low movement without cracking. Intended for use as a liquid applied membrane over concrete or as a grout to fill weld pockets, spalls in concrete, and voids between vibrating transportation rails and concrete.
  • Iso-Flex 900 A three-component, polyurethane based elastomeric concrete material. Used primarily as an expansion joint header material, a flexible nosing material for extruded aluminum expansion joint assemblies, and as a patching compound for spalls and pockets in concrete deck surfaces.
  • Iso-Flex 920 A three component, polyurethane based elastomeric patch primarily used as a spall repair material. The product is designed to support loading with minimal deflection and will absorb impact without cracking. Typical uses include bridge decks, airport pavements and parking structures.
  • Iso-Flex Rail Grout A two-component, aliphatic polyurethane elastomer. It cures to a medium hardness and durometer, which enables the product to support a load with minimal deflection, absorb vibration and low movement without cracking.