Joint Sealants

  • Iso-Flex 830 Excellent weathering, non-yellowing, one-component, non-sag, paintable, aliphatic polyurethane sealant for general architectural applications. Excellent adhesion to most substrates.
  • Iso-Flex 875R Enhanced weathering, one component non sag aromatic polyurethane sealant. Fast skinning, low dirt pick up. Excellent adhesion to common substrates.
  • Iso-Flex 880 GB Two-component, rapid curing, self-leveling, medium modulus, polyurethane sealant. Intended for use in horizontal joints subject to movement conditions.
  • Iso-Flex 881 Two-component, rapid curing, non-sag, aliphatic polyurethane sealant. Intended for use in vertical control joint applications or surface cove joints. Cures to a tough elastomeric sealant.
  • Iso-Flex 888 QC Two-component, rapid curing, low modulus, self-leveling polyurethane sealant. Intended for use in highway joints, parking decks and other applications requiring large movement and fast turn-around.